Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Bagel Cafe

301 N Buffalo Dr  Las Vegas, NV 89145

My Mom has been constantly telling me to try The Bagel Cafe! She goes every Sunday morning after church. So I finally tried it and fell madly in love!

I loved it so much I went back the next day and got the same things!

You walk into the front door and immediately see the display of freshly baked bagels in tons of varieties! 

To the left you see all the cold cuts, cheeses & salmon lox for sale! 

It is a Jewish/New York style bakery & cafe!

This place is so delicious everything is huge & has tons of flavor!

To the right is my favorite section! The Dessert Display case! 

They freshly bake all of their pastries & desserts every morning. 

This place for being a scratch made bakery is still very reasonably priced!

Rainbow Cookie

My all time favorite treat from The Bagel Cafe is their Rainbow Cookies! It is the best, so moist and delicious! It has layers of heaven! 

The first layer is a pistachio cake topped with a layer of raspberry coulis! Second layer is vanilla cake topped with a layer of raspberry coulis! The third layer is cherry cake topped with a layer of chocolate ganache

I need to get this recipe! I have had Rainbow Cookies before but never this moist!

& this is only the beginning....

NY Style Knish & Spicy Mustard

Oi Vey! Let's talk about Knish! 

If you are a potato lover & a doughnut lover! Well they just had a baby and named it Knish! 

Forget a plain old potato pancake! A Knish is a light pillow of potato, deep fried in batter. It is so gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside

Eat it with spicy mustard and you cannot go wrong!

Bagel Sandwich

I chose to build my own bagel sandwich for breakfast. 

I chose the Sundried tomato & basil bagel, one egg scrambled, cheddar cheese & ham! 

It was a huge sandwich! I had to take half home, but oh man was it is good! 

The bagel was toasted, the cheddar cheese was melted, the scrambled eggs were fluffy and delicious. The ham was huge! Almost twice as big as the bagel!

I know I said I would compare places to Portland, but this place has a place in my heart, in no way am I going to compare anything to The Bagel Cafe!

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