Friday, February 22, 2013

The Cracked Egg

7660 W Cheyenne Ave #125
Las Vegas, NV

So I just flew into Las Vegas last night.. 

I am staying with my boyfriend Connor at his parent's house. This morning we had to drop off his car to get his brakes fixed. So we went with his Dad and Step Sister to The Cracked Egg.

I have been before because I have grown up in Las Vegas I have been everywhere!

But this visit was extra special and delicious. Maybe because I haven't been there in so long! But everything I remember about the place was spot on and even better than my memory!

Let's start with the best coffee cake ever! It is so light & fluffy! Baked fresh every morning! Different flavors as well so you never know which one you will get! I love it so much.

I had the apricot flavor and Connor's Step Sister had the chocolate flavor! Both so delicious!

Coffee Cake

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast because we got to talking too much! I am also not quite used to having to blog about everything I eat just yet! I will get better!

For breakfast, I had a Monte Cristo sandwich & country potatoes! There is nothing wrong with two pieces of french toast with ham, turkey & swiss cheese in the middle! Then deep fried to perfection & a side of maple syrup

Yum! It was the perfect hangover cure! ;)

I even got Connor's Dad to get the same thing as I.

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