Wednesday, February 27, 2013

People's Food Co-op

3029 SE 21st Ave  Portland, OR 97202

Today, for my Food Ethics class we took a field trip down to People's Food Co-op. I really enjoyed this place. 

It is a small grocery store that only focuses on energy efficient & local-sustainable way of living.

Organically grown and produced food products will be prioritized and made available by the co-op. Unless 3 factors come into place: 
1) Locally grown/produced; 
2) Ecological/cultural/political factors; 
3) Lack of availability of an organic product.

The co-op's produce purveyors are local sustainable farmers, who sell produce directly to the co-op. Some farmers are certified organic, some are not. 

People's Food Co-op also make every effort to provide products to customers that do not contain any genetically engineered ingredients.

Myself sitting outside waiting for my class

Outside they also have a food truck named Sip. Which has all natural/organic juices, smoothies, tea & coffee. 

I did not have anything from Sip, but I did have a delicious Marionberry Muffin from Ken's Artisan Bakery (The co-op's bakery purveyor) 

People's Food Co-op do not carry any carry any meat, poultry, fish or any products containing animal byproducts for which animals must be slaughtered. 

The only exception to the 100% vegetarian policy is the Pet Food. 

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