Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ken's Artisan Bakery

338 NW 21st Ave  Portland, OR 97209

Well yesterday after my experience with People's Food Co-op and I had a Marionberry Muffin from Ken's Artisan Bakery, I had to go and try something else!

So I dragged one of my friend's from school to come with me during my break because it is only a little ways from Oregon Culinary Institute

You walk into the building and go up a small flight of stairs and are greeted by the display case of yummy treats. All seasonal, local fresh products.

They stop serving lunch at 3 P.M. so sadly I didn't get to try a sandwich from their menu. But the menu looked amazing! 

You can also buy bread loaves, they are very reasonably priced.

Mixed Berry Tart & Chocolate Chip Cookie

I had the mixed berry tart and my friend had a chocolate chip cookie! I wish I had brought more money with me because I would have gotten another pastry! Both very good. 

It also looks like a very fun atmosphere to work in. Everyone was very nice and smiling.

Try it!


  1. The display case looks awesome and the tart looks amazing.

  2. That looks amazing. Did they have Danishes there?

  3. When I went it was close to the end of their day so it was slim pickings! But I am pretty sure they should have danish!