Monday, February 18, 2013


Today for lunch I stopped by Lardo, on SW Washington & 12th. This place started as a really popular food cart and was approached by investors looking for a restaurant that was totally unique. They also have another location on SE Hawthorne

This menu is definitely unique, they have so many yummy sandwich options. From a mix of Italian classics like porchetta and mortadella to local seasonal selections like pork belly, egg, cheese and arugula.

The sandwiches are paired with 14 regional craft and classic Italian beers on tap, as well as Italian liquors and cocktails.

Cold Fried Chicken 
The first time I came to Lardo, the first sandwich I tried was the Cold Fried Chicken Sandwich. Oh my goodness. Heaven pure heaven. 

It has a huge piece of intentionally cold fried chicken. Now as a culinarian I was just thinking to myself "How does one get this chicken to stay so crispy and be cold?" Blew my mind! I had to ask the man at the counter working. He shared that the secret was to fry it in bacon grease! Of course why not bacon grease?!

But this sandwich doesn't stop there... It has spicy Bleu cheese, bacon, pickles & Sriracha mayo! I know, I know you just died inside.

My view as I was waiting for my food.

So naturally when I came in to Lardo today I was looking for that sandwich! Well it looks like they took it off the SW menu but it is still at the SE location!

I was pretty bummed but it just gave me an excuse to try another sandwich. Today I had the Pork Belly, Egg, Cheese, Arugula and Caper Mayo sandwich & Dirty Fries (we will get to those little devils in a minute)

This sandwich was once again an amazing sandwich! The savory fattiness of the pork belly! The gooey egg yolks and firm whites! The melted cheese and peppery arugula! Then the perfect amount of acid from the Caper mayo! Oh my! It was delicious!

Half of Pork Belly, Egg, Cheese & Arugula and those addictive Dirty Fries!

Alright now let's talk about Dirty Fries. Oh man, I have never tasted fries so good. Deep fried in bacon grease! (Nothing wrong with that) Marinated peppers! (So sweet & sour & delicious) Parmesan cheese! (Cannot go wrong) Fried herbs! (Rosemary, Sage & Thyme) Oh and the best things Bacon Lardons! (Juicy, succulent fried pork scraps) I swear to you will dream about these fries!


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