Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lamb Gyro

Lamb Gyro - SW Columbia & 6th St

Let's talk about Gyros baby! Today I was craving Mediterranean for lunch! I remembered my neighbor talking about this new food cart pod that opened up on SW Columbia & 6th!

There is a total of 5 carts, only 2 are opened right now. There is a Thai food cart and the Mediterranean food cart!

So today I tried the Lamb Gyro! Oh man, was it delicious! It was seasoned to perfection!

The lamb was so tender and seasoned so well! Home made tzatziki sauce that was phenomenal! As well as tomatoes and I added chunks of Feta cheese for $0.50! Wrapped in a warm pita! Yum!

All in all it cost $6.50! It was a steal considering how stuffed it was! It was huge and I ate every bite! They even have a giant Gyro. I just got the regular size!

I cannot wait to go back and try their Falafels and Hummus

As soon as I got back to school I had to tell every friend I saw to go try it!


  1. This made me so hungry am pretty sure I am going to die now...Hungry..

  2. I love lamb gyros, feta cheese and tzatziki, you are lucky to live so close to a good mediterranean restaurant.